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Hi fellow students! I am Jhelvee Cacho, 17 year-old student blogger and a school writer. I have enthusiasm on sharing my ideas and tips about studenthood that is why I created this blog. This aims to help you, my co-students, to solve your school concerns or problems through posting helpful articles as well as latest news. I am your School Companion.


I started this blog last 2018 with the name “Student Saver”. Being a student-blogger, I want to save your time as students to explore more and think outside the box. You can do more. Second, I want this platform to be a ‘medium’ for you to raise your concerns when you feel you do not have someone to share your problem (Talk to me here). I am not a School Companion for nothing. Lastly, I want you all to be successful in your life, my goal n creating this blog. We will achieve our dreams together and be successful, promise?


I am currently a Senior High School student at PHINMA-University of Pangasinan. When I am on my elementary days, I am known to be a shy and lonely student because I am not interacting to my classmates most of the time. In fact, my award was “Most Behave”. As time passed by, the shy and behave Jhelvee didn’t change, just kidding, I am improving my social skills especially in school. I have now friends, talking to other people without doubting and as a student, I can now raise my hand in recitation. These changes brought me to step higher and gain not special awards now but being an honor student since high school. Most importantly, the changes stated served to know more about myself and my skills; that I am good in drawing, singing, writing articles and influencing others as a student leader.


This part, I will share my journey as a campus journalist since elementary. I started being an Editorial Cartoonist at Grade 6. That was my first time to join campus press conference. That first time took me not only to Division (DSCPC) but also to Regional level. My journalism journey did not ended there, as I stepped on high grade (High School), I met challenges. From being a cartoonist to news anchor. The problem that time is my voice that enabled me to show more this time on writing. Grade 8, I am an Editorial Writer. This position gave me a ‘fortunate’ twist for a moment. We came to a conference (Division Level) and I am read to compete to Editorial Writing yet our sports writer which supposed to be competing did not able to attend so I was shocked when my adviser told me to enter Sports Writing. And yes, I made it to Regional Schools Press Conference unexpectedly! Ups and downs were there when I continue this ability that God gave me. Of course, every one of us experienced not to win competitions. This lasted until Grade 12, as I continue it being a sports writer and made it again to regionals. Sadly with those three times achieving regional level, I did not win to make it to National Conference. The twist: Who would have thought that I am a Sports Writer yet I am not engaged much in sports games and not playing any of it except board games?


To sum up those “Jhelvee Cacho as” story, you can tag me as “School Companion” from now on. Just a student like you, I believe we can relate on most times since we are on the same category and situation, a student. A School Companion means someone who can help you most in school; Yes, I may not know all of you co-students but once you called me, I can help you directly (talk to me here) and you can read my blog post to address and find articles for your concerns. As your school companion, I promise to maintain and update this blog always.