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Student Essentials is a blog to help everyone especially students to their concern or problems by giving tips, useful suggestions and creative ideas. It started on March 15, 2018.

“Student’s school companion” - this slogan only means that sharing among people causes to earn, not money but knowledge and awareness to help them be aware of everything on student life. In addition, Student Essentials believes that if we all share our ideas and help those who are in need, then you earn their heart. So it’s not only about the knowledge that we get, it’s also the love of others if we share, interact and help each other.

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This blog is owned and created by Jhelvee Cacho, a 17-year old student. He created this blog to help other students in their school. He is interested to spread ideas to other students like him to avoid problems with their school and other things regarding on schooling. 

Hey Readers! Welcome to my blog. I am hoping that this student-centered blog helps you to get tips, student life hacks, ideas and of course inspiration to do more as a student. Just like you, I am also a student who wants to help you in order for us to achieve our goals in life! Thank you!

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