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Surviving Fangirling and School: A Story of a 2nd Gen K-Pop Fan

Saturday, November 30, 2019
In ten years, things drastically changed but I am sure of one thing, it was Hallyu (Korean Wave) and K-culture that helped me a lot throughout the years.  When I entered the world of Kpop, it was when people in school questions my interest but as you take a look at the community now, we are growing and I’m glad that fans also find comfort and strength from their idols.


Name: Mikhaela Javier / Blogger
Social Media Accounts & Pages:

Sharing a bit of me, I am a multifandom and some of my bias groups include Bigbang, B.I.G., Exo, Urban Zakapa, U-kiss, Laboum, Got7, iKON, 2ne1 and Z:EA.

Some of them parted ways already but I still support them no matter what.

In terms of solos and kdrama, I am a hardcore Lee Dongwook, Seo Kang Joon, IU and Ji Changwook fan.

Yes, I can distinguish them and spell their names correctly! 

During the time that I was a student, I started to write for our school paper sharing how Hallyu started to dominate our country. At the same time, when I entered college, I took up Korean languages classes at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC Philippines) where I volunteer for now to promote K-culture events throughout the country. I took up Journalism and Mass Communication in college because I am interested in writing, film, photography and events. 


I became a contributor for:


Kimchi Adventures for food, travel and personal stuff

Kimchi City for updates and event and Oppa is Life for random spazz, all promoting Hallyu and anything Korean related

Aside from that, I had the chance to promote travel destinations in Korea as a part of the Wow Korea Supporters of Korea Tourism Organization where I had the chance to visit Jeju Island for free and promote it. To top it off, I also had the chance to watch concerts, interview some artists and promote the culture that I loved ever since.

For my Korean language journey, it’s actually nice that I had the chance to use it once in a while during events and even at work. I used to teach Korean language to Filipinos for EPS-TOPIK and English to Koreans during winter camps. 


If you are a student and a fangirl, this guide is also my story and I’m sharing it because I know that it will work for you.

TIP #1: Keep going, you are on the right track

My favorite idols and kdramas helped me survive the stressful school life and pressure from the society.

You can always listen to your favorite artist’s song while studying, watch Kdramas during your free time and get inspirations on how you can apply their values in your own situation.

Who knows? You might also get interested in studying Korean language too.

TIP #2: Save! Don’t make it a point that you are starving yourself to buy concert tickets

This might sound cliché but we actually did skipped meals just to save for concert tickets or merchandise that our favorites released.

Of course we don’t encourage you to do this so I am giving some alternatives that you can do:

  • Offer your talent (if you are good in writing, drawing or services that you can provide to earn extra)
  • Stop buying unnecessary purchases (uninstall your online shopping apps)
  • Plan your allowance wisely.
  • Socialize

Probably the best part for me as a fan is not meeting my idol but meeting new friends that didn’t just became my fangirling buddies but also my real life friends. 

Kpop in the Philippines is a huge community and everyone’s welcome to join us. If you are living far from the main scene, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is just a few clicks away. Make friends, it’s worth it.

TIP #4: Support organizations

Supporting organizations doesn’t always mean purchasing something. I started to join fanclubs and organizations as an admin or contributor. You can offer your services if you want to but if you don’t have spare time, sharing an announcement from an org that you support is a big help already.

TIP #5: One day, you’ll be able to see them 

Ten years ago, it all started with a dream and I never thought that little by little, I will have the chance to meet my favorite idols live. Looking back it’s nice to think that I published more than a hundred fangirling stories already and that my single school article before has now evolved into numerous online articles now with the same goal of inspiring other fans that if they dreamt of seeing their faves, it will happen.

Can you relate to her? Drop your comments below.

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