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A Motivation: Student Success Stories

Friday, November 15, 2019

Success Story 1: 

Name: Christian Formoso
Blog: Sewer Rant

"When I was a student, school was my entire life. I studied to get perfect scores in all of my tests. I got good grades in all of my subjects. I'm very proud of my accomplishment graduating as a Cum Laude and a Gold Medalist of my batch in college, but I do regret not making more friends or having more fun in school. Being a student is not only about cramming for exams or making sure you're always number 1. It's your youth and you have to enjoy it while you can. The real world is tough and you won't get by with just your brains. Be active in other org activities, join contests, learn and develop skills you're actually interested in and spend time having fun! You'll gain skills that will ultimately prove useful when you join us on the other side of your school gates. Good luck children!!"

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