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5 Reasons to Avoid Bad Circle of Friends

Saturday, November 23, 2019
We all need friends to share our moments as students in school. Friends whom we can be able to use the relationship to influence them or vice versa. We spend a lot of time in school and we should not be alone. 

Imagine in a classroom of about fifty students and there you are sitting without friends to talk to? 

I am a hundred percent sure that you can not survive the school year or even one semester without creating group of friends and completely not talking to anybody in school, right?

The importance of having friends is that you can enjoy your school

Second, you can have someone to share your problems and personal life. Of course you can not have friends when you have no trust on them. 

Third, by solving your problems, you will gain some help from them. Friends will not be called friends when they are not there to cheer you up. 

And lastly, you'll be in your most comfortable environment which influences you to be a better person.

Enough for definition of friends. What if someday you notice that your relationship is not healthy anymore? They are influencing you to a wrong track instead of doing a productive life in school. 

Friends in the beach

Here are the five reasons you should start observing on your friends to avoid them.


Who wants being uncomfortable with someone? No one right? 

If you feel out-of-place and uncomfortable, then it's not the right group of friends suited to you and your passion. 

Make sure to find someone who have the same interest, hobby and personality. 

Same interest; at the first place ask yourself 

"Why I am belong to a circle of friends who are not having the same interest with me?"

This question helps you to draw some realizations on finding friends whom you'll take longer time with. Being out-of-place will also lead to misunderstanding. 

I experienced this situation when I am on my Junior High School, I once joined a group who showed less interest in school opposing to what I want, to do well in it. So I moved apart from them since I observed that they are not helping and influencing me to show what I want instead they keep saying me words that will lead me to not enter school. I am sure that you're asking why I did not make ways to influence hem for good, the answer is that they were friends before and I am just new to the said group.

You should not avoid them if you think you yourself is the reason because sometimes, you feel out-of-place because you are not initiating the conversation. Make sure to keep your interaction active and healthy. If you did not observe this and you are hundred percent sure that you are not comfortable and feel out-of-place, that is the time to leave.

Reason #2: BAD HABITS

Alcohols, cigarettes, personality problem - if you are currently involved to friends which urge you to experience these, avoid them. Obviously, it is not healthy not only in physical aspect but also to different parts of us being a students. 

You all know the bad effects of alcohols. You all are aware of disease you might get from cigarettes. And lastly, you all can observe if they lead you to a personality problem. 

This can be easily caught, a simple "Uy birthday ko naman, try mo lang kahit konti" or other similar phrases that you know you'll lead to take those 'trendy' habits. Trendy since most of the students if they find a post regards to it, they will do it. Well I am not saying that ALL students are same with this. 

You are only a student, a minor, a person who wants to achieve dream and be successful. A simple gesture and take of these at little time will sum up to a bigger problem. 

You want to be a doctor, an engineer, a teacher etc. right? So start with the right track and habit.


You are not a maid, an assistant, a helper, a robot which they can command and control. Especially, when you think they command you to do bad things like teasing your other classmates? DO NOT TOLERATE THEM

Who wants to be in Guidance Councilor? Of course we don't want. We don't want to make troubles in school as a good student.

Another situation is when they give you a reason to procrastinate.Simple lines like "Bukas na natin gawin 'yan (assignment)" and a simple "Mamaya na lang" has a large impact on your time management. Learn How to Avoid Procrastination

Give them a reason to change and influence them to be a productive student rather than initiating a trouble. 

If your group is really healthy, then you are focused to do so. If not, don't wait until they totally change your personality. Leave if you can't change their decision.


Similar to Reason #3, if they are pushing you to make incorrect manners, avoid them. Cheating is not new in school and that is a fact. Every student even me, once did it. For others, twice, thrice and everyday; just kidding. Cheating doesn't help you to become successful. 

Depending on others' intelligence is not tolerable especially when you are in a certain circumstances that let you do that such thing. 

What if you keep cheating and one day they are not there anymore, do you think you can do it? 

That's why you need to do things especially school works and quizzes individually.

A healthy and productive circle of friends do teamwork

Setting group studies, helping each other to subjects they find to be difficult to perform better in school and graduate together; that it the essence of TEAMWORK in the right path.  Read 5 Tips to Perform Well on School

Today's definition of teamwork for some students is happening in quizzes and exams. 

"Ang tawag doon teamwork" this is my classmate's response when I ask him why he keeps cheating with my other classmates. 

See? Reason #3 is there, at first students doesn't want it until your friends keep on influencing you to cheat. 

Believe me, you can not do it on your own without them if you keep cheating in class. 

If they repeat it, avoid the group. The real meaning of teamwork and friendship in this situation is wrong!

Reason #5: YOU

Yes you read it right, "YOU". Sometimes you can not blame their attitude towards you if you yourself makes a reason for them to influence you to wrong path. 

You are weak, you are so easy to influence, and you let them do what they want to do to yourself - these are the reasons why you should not put the fault to them when avoiding your group. 

Again, do not tolerate them! 

If you can not do something to have a good practice and goal for your group, then you are the reason

If you can not force them to have a better school life, then it is your fault. If you are aware of them doing bad habit, personalities and actions but you are tolerating them, then it is your fault. 

It is not always them that you should not be influenced of but rather, you should also start the good practice that is why there is a "vice versa" I stated above. 

If you think they are good and doing things on the right path but you are the reason that leads them to do bad doings, leave! If you don't want them to influence you being a bad person for the group, don't ruin the group's good goal. 

On the other hand, if you to stay into that certain circle of friends, BE THE CHANGE!


🕳️You feel out of place
🕳️Bad Habits
🕳️They influence you to do what you don't want to do
🕳️Teamwork gone wrong! 

These reasons are observable. It does not necessarily mean that if you see these reasons on your friends, avoid them immediately. I am only saying that give them a chance to change their wrong personality and habit; in order for that to come true, initiate the change. Make some practice and speak to them. Be true to what you have observing and say it to them. When they do not follow our intentions, avoid your toxic friends and find better group. 

When you are in good circle of friends, maintain it. I am sure you will have success in your hands.


  1. You gave these awesome tips. When we are in school, we tend to have lots of friends and as years goes by, only few remains, and they are the true friends to keep.

  2. You gave these awesome tips. When we are in school, we tend to have lots of friends and as years goes by, only few remains, and they are the true friends to keep.

  3. This is a good guide to your fellow students. And even for adults. Glad that, at a young age, you are able to know and share these realizations already.

  4. Indeed perfect for students! But I love #5. You will always be your own self's fortress.

  5. These are really great tips! Perfect and such a great guidance for students. I am so blessed that my circle of friends help and inspire me to be better. I see how hard they work in school and it really inspires and motivates me to do better

  6. Great tips especially for students nowadays. When I was in school I only had few friends and became more loner when we separated our ways.

  7. It is hard to choose friends that you can trust, especially in school. These are great tips. You shouldn't forget who you are and what is right. Also, influence your friends to do good things and help them as well be better versions of themselves. Hahaha

  8. One of the best memories of my life was when I was in highschool where i met the friends i cant live with out. We are almost 2 decades now but when we are together it still feels like when we were young and carefree. I miss them so much because most of them are now based abroad.

  9. Thanks for these tips, I'll share it with my nieces, they'll surely learn from this bloh

  10. Thank you for your tips! I can relate as I only had a handful of friends because I like different things (anime in particular) unlike my peers. Will share this with my brother who is currently a college freshman & also struggling in this aspect. :)


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