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Student of the Month: Living With God's Word

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Everyone has their own inspiration. It may be a person, a famous qoutation, or a thing. Some of our inspirations include some qualities that make it inspirational. I bet majority of us are inspired by our family, friends, God, our crushes or some popular individual.

Student of the Month for October

But this lady, whom I consider inspirational, is a student in University of Pangasinan. She is a Grade 12 student. A studious, God-oriented, and a serious lady. She is Lalaine Cabico Dela Cruz. Lalaine, mostly called by her friends as "Lala", was born on nineteenth of Febuary year 2000. She is the second eldest child of Mr. Roque and Mrs. Letecia Dela Cruz.

Lala finished her elementary education at Federico N. Ceralde Integrated School. She completed her Junior High School bagging a "with honors" award at PHINMA-University of Pangasinan Basic Education Department. Not only that, last school year, Lalaine ranked as Top 3 among all the grade 11 students under General Academic Strand (GAS). This year, as she pursues her own career, Lala is now taking up GAS with Focus on Education Major in General Education.

Lala also has her own inspiration in achieving her goals and achievements. Accoding to her, she is always inspired by the pieces of advice and support she gets from her family, friends and of course God. But she also has her own downfall. She said she has suffured from family problems and it also contributed on the pressure she felt in school but eventually, she overcome it by praying and getting support from her family and also her friends. "But all in all, as long as you believe in God and always come to him, no problem and challenges can beat you" she added.

"It's okay to be in sorrow but you have to rise up and be positive. Set in your mind that you will always overcome problems or challenges and always seek God's guidance in everything you do. Face your fears, because these will make you grow and build up the better version of you. In studying, just do all your best and be competitive for good. You should be responsible, and don't ever slack off. Do not keep all your problems in yourself, share it with the ones you truly trust and face it with bravery" she said with a smile on her face as she gives some advice for her fellow SHS students with the same burden as hers.

All of us have problems. In our world today, there are an increase of students who are suffering from grief and burden and ended up killing themselves. Why not take Lala's advice and little by little overcome your problems? Don't grow with fear and insecurities. Embrace it and it will eventually help you in developing yourself. And lastly, take this phrase from Lala, "live long, live more, live meaningfully because you only live once."

Submitted by: Jericho Caluya

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