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Current students' manners: Reimplementing GMRC now matters - A Position Paper

Friday, October 4, 2019
Due to the world's modernization, change cause a lot nowadays. Students, who are badly affected, are noticeably transformed from a self-centered persona into self-conscious character. 

Influence such as technology and peers resulted to different problems popping up on students' "socio-emotional" aspect. 

Good manners and Right Conduct on the other hand, is a value that has been vanished in today's curriculum. 

With stated factors, should we really add the so-called GMRC? Yes, as a child grows up; aside from teaching them at home, school, as a second home, should also implement correcting the manners of the students.


"Second home" as they say, schools should not only teach the academic part coming from books. Yes it is needed in the future but what matters the most is the attitude in order to survive and interact. 

Schools tend to correct the path for success yet the right manners and conduct are also an essential part to achieve it. 

Today's students are the result of pulling out GMRC in the curriculum. In fact, we did not experience this subject aside from "Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao" and "Christianity" which are considered to be "basic skills" on achieving goals.

Several lawmakers are now looking at the positive impact of reviving the GMRC. House Bill No. 6705 or also known as “An Act To revive Good Manners and Right Conduct as a  separate Subject Education Curriculum” was introduced by representative Salvador B. Belero Jr. Starting from good manners, the essence can not be seen; even the students. 

Try to ask a student and we are sure that the answers would be undeniably shallow. The characteristics such as going with the flow of the world in every student leads to negative room: A dark place of influence. While right conduct is indeed important to have interaction in school but a simple "po" and "opo" is not being performed often.

School and GMRC are both essential and important part of nurturing the students. If one is missing then it would be hard for them to achieve with good and proper way. 

Proper orientation is now a necessity to be implemented because of the current situation. GMRC should indeed be added again to our curriculum. 

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