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Parents, Peers or Ourselves: Who should choose one's career?

Friday, August 2, 2019

Choosing the right career suited for students is not as easy as sorting which house students belong just like on Harry Potter. Making a right career choice involves a lot of thinking as students have to analyze various fields of studies and right colleges (CareerRide, 2015).  It is about so much more than deciding what students will do to make a living. To start with, think about the amount of time they spend at work. The right career path one should follow is what students think of themselves, but of course in order to be on the “right path”, they should have a “right guide” to achieve the “right one”-Parents, Peers and Students themselves. As stated, students have many factors in considering the right career for them but who should they follow?

Choosing career

Given with the responsibility of the Government, the country has K-12 Program. The K-12 programm offers a decongested 12-year program that gives students sufficient time to master skills and absorb basic competencies (K12Philippines, 2015). In line with this, the new curriculum gives students the chance to choose among three tracks and undergo immersion, which provides relevant exposure and actual experience in their chosen track (DepEd). t
Students are not yet fully distinguished when it comes to course or career. A lot of them nowadays do not have any satisfactory answer when they were asked why they chose a particular course or subject in university. Most of them will probably answer because it is what their parents tell them (Bartleby). Parent’s decision includes the best career with so much opportunities students would grab if they chose their decision. Usually, the problem can be found on this matter because students themselves and their parents have different perspective and wants for the betterment of them. The only thing that matters here is that they base on opportunities and other external factors rather than what the student wants. Second, Peers, conformably, students and this persona are just like a “team” on this situation. Whenever students made their decision, peers always agree to them being a friend. Frequently, peers advise students to choose what they want to be-their passion. And lastly, Students. “Work to become, not to acquire” (Elbert Hubbard). Unless needed help, students already know themselves, from the fact that they have partial but not final decision on their respective career is an evidence that students should be the one to decide their career. Students are the main part-takers and the subject and obviously they can decide what career they want, from the heart that enables them to see situations that would be better for them to decide the course; their brain that will guide them to what right career is for them.
The process begins on themselves because they want what they want and choose what they want. It is just that, external factors (parents and peers) are their to support them. Mostly the decisions of those three have an opposition. In any case that they have oppositions, students’ perspective should be followed. It is because they will experience what’s on the path of achieving the career for them and the passion that pushes them will not vanish until the end unless they take the wrong path- the one that other factors decided for them.

Students should be well-planned for the given time to decide what career is for them. Plan as early to avoid troubles towards the career. They must know themselves so it will prove the above statement as just. They have enough time to decide within two years in K-12 Program to finalize their partial internalization. The next thing is pursuing the second stage, to take their courses in College-a way bit step to achieve the career. Make other people as a “guide” on the career-path or let other people decide their career but do not let them dictate the future of the students over what they actually want. Parents, Peers are external factors but remember, students are not doing it for other people, but instead, for their own’s sake.
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This post is my output for our essay in one of my subjects. 

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