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How to prepare for the first day of school

Monday, May 20, 2019

Everyone's getting excited for the first day of class right? No wonder since it's been 2 months already when we are enjoying our vacation but sad to those who only stayed on their house like me haha. We are expected to be ready since we have a lot of time for this.

Weeks left and we'll be stepping again on our 'missed' school, aren't we? We will be seeing again our school crushes but let's not talk more about it because the purpose of this is to remind yet to teach you how to prepare for school especially first day of class. No more crushes today, let's talk about it soon!

Should we really prepare for the first day? Absolutely yes! we're not only on our best outfit at first week but new classmates, teachers and for some, new school. In my school, there is "First week Hi" - all students are encouraged to wear announced shirts like for example Monday - statement shirt, Tuesday - Camouflage shirt and so on. What about you? what programs are celebrated on your school every opening of school year? Comment down!

So, let me ask you again; are you truly excited? haha just kidding. Enough for the joke; here are the steps I learned for getting ready at school.

1. Prepare/Buy your school Supplies

Usually, I am buying my school supplies weeks before classes start, why? You don't want a crowded place when you're buying right? so you should be early to buy your things.

After buying, you should prepare those things so in case there are supplies that you're unable to buy, you have remaining time to do it. But I recommend having a list before buying to assure that you bought all school supplies you need.

Actually, I am listing all the things I need on a piece of paper so that I cannot forget to get all of those. 

2. Fix your uniform

This should be done maybe also weeks before, you should check your old school uniform if it is in good condition for you to decide if you'll have to repair it or buy a new one.

If it's checked already, then it's time to prepare it night before class starts. 

3. Avoid too much time spending on gadgets

Obviously, we can't deny the fact that we're always checking it every second but on this part, you can reduce using any gadgets to have enough time to prepare for the first day.

This will be significant to be able to wake up on the actual day. Since we cannot leave our gadgets, then make sure you prepared all things first before using it again.

4. Sleep Early

Every student is excited, so usually we can't sleep well night before but always keep this on your mind, your physical, mental and emotional aspect should be good for you to adjust again on school time. And it is your first day so you should be well-conditioned. 

Atleast 8 hours sleep is recommended for us so if you're going to wake up for example at 6:00 am then you should sleep at 10:00 pm or early than it.

What to do in-order to sleep at night:

1. Avoid using gadgets

2. If possible turn off any source of lights but if you're not comfortable in the dark, there are items that's intended for this. 

Tip: If you can't really sleep, open and close your eyes repeatedly. 
        Starting to sleep early will not only give you more time to prepare but you'll be comfortable and stress/pain-free.

3. Remind yourself

Aside from our parents, we should remind ourselves. Try phrase like "tomorrow I'll start my school day with happiness" or "Tomorrow is the first day, I should make the most of it". With these statements, you'll be forced to prepare for it and also you can avoid procrastination. (Read How to love studying


So if it's the actual day, these are the things you should do:

1. Wake up early

As stated above, waking up early will give you more time to be ready. With this, you will not rush yourself to do a certain thing because you have enough time to do it.

For example:

If your class starts at:     Wake Up time:

7:00 AM                                  5:30 AM
7: 30 AM                                 6:00 AM
8:00 AM                                  6:30 AM

These timestamps are one and a half hour basis for getting ready. If you think you're not able to get prepared on the given interval of time, then you may want to wake up early than those.

2. Get ready for school 

Of course, you are aware of what you should do right? Just make sure that you'll not forget important things that you should have. 

After waking up, do things immediately so you'll not hurry up! One of the cause of being late is procrastination. I'm hundred percent sure that procrastination controls you everytime haha. (Read How to Avoid Procrastination

3. Don't be late

Hahaha Is this the most difficult thing to remember? This is one of the main problems of every students nowadays! Well, if you will follow the previous steps then you'll avoid getting in trouble, the word "rush" remember? 

It's your first day so I'm sure you're very excited. Thus, you should be early and not to miss some first activities on school. 

4. Be active

Being active doesn't mean that you should be able to impress everyone in the classroom, of course you should show youself and answer questions you know. You should replace the word impress to express on your mind. 

It's your first day so you should put effort on your study so the rest on your school year will be good to you. (Read 5 Tips to perform well on school

5. Show yourself

Just like the song "True Colors" you should be true and make the real reflection of yourself on others' vision. Don't hide your personality especially you have new classmates; you want to have real friends right? then start being real to yourself.

Use your true attitude, behavior and cognition to show the real you!

This day, I want you to put effort! Imagine all the expenses of your parents to enter you on a good school.You want to bring back all of the hardships they have right? then focus on studying and sooner or later you'll achieve what you deserve!

Just a reminder, don't forget to have interest to study and make your dreams come true. You'll not be successful in the future if you're not thinking of (studying) today.  For this school year, focus on school not on crush haha just kidding, be well-disciplined and DON'T BE LATE hahaha. Godbless you on your fist day! 


  1. I remember being all excited for school after an entire summer of not doing anything at all!! These are great tips and I used to do all of them when I was going to school!!

  2. First day of school was always dun for me. Scary at first, but thanks to friends, first days are a blast! Ahh missing school!

  3. It's been so long since I last prepared for school. It brings a lot of exciting memories just by reading your post.

  4. Preparation is the key! I remember my first day as a teacher. I pretended that I'm a student and nobody noticed it until the principal introduced the new teachers during the flag ceremony. LOL.

  5. Being prepared is the key. And this is the time of the season where many Moms' are becoming too nagging. But still an awesome moments.

  6. Nakakamiss maging estudyante. I agree na preparation is the key, kahit hindi din naman tungkol sa school.

  7. Since I'm a teacher, I also get ready whenever school is near once again. I prefer it when I still go to school and studying because I have a new items in my bag.

  8. Ah, now I miss schooling. I can still remember how I give myself more than a week to adjust my body clock from a long vacation.


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