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Frenzy Cafe: Perfect Place for Students

Monday, April 8, 2019

Looking for a cafe that will treat you as VIP? Frenzy Cafe originally located at San Jacinto recently opened its second branch at Mangaldan, Pangasinan which serves everyone especially students with its delicious and affordable foods. Creativity can be seen around and the cafe itself is an artwork! yet you'll enjoy an amazing natural ambiance with great foods just like other cafe. But what makes it different?

I'm studying in Dagupan, City so I need cafes that will be best to relax, to do homeworks, projects especially when I'm with a team/group. And this cafe which is 12 km away from my school (Dagupan) is worth to go for. By travelling approximately 28 minutes from Dagupan, great yet approachable staffs will welcome you and even the cafe owners! You'll feel that your visit is very important to them that's why they are treating you as an important customer and also as a friend.

Great Staffs! 

Frenzy Cafe Owners


Enough for the ambiance; Frenzy Café offers foods that's not only for people with jobs but also a money-friendly cafe for students. Yes, according to the owners, students are always there after school. As a student, it's important for me to buy foods according to my allowance right? and the foods that this cafe have are so affordable yet delicious.

There are food combos you should try for only Php 79.00 

I tried their new combo which includes  fries, one burger and the trending Mango Graham Frappe and I was shocked for its price of Php 129.00 only! Even my friends said it's super affordable!


While waiting for the food, they have some fun stuffs to try - you can play card games such as uno and dos, board games like chess, snakes amd ladders and more. 

Bibo Kid! 
Since I visited this cafe with a bibo kid (without knowing that it is the son of the owners) we played snakes and ladders.

After that, they also have Hugot Guide for in-love and broken customers yet ofcourse they have hugots also for study first like me that is to be picked from the jar ranfomly.

I also wrote on their Hugot Board with a question "Hanggang kailan ka aasa?" It was so much fun waiting for the food!

After the casual approach, we turned into an enjoyable and music - themed environment. This is what's different on this cafe, it has VIP Lounge!

Actually, Frenzy Cafe is divided into two rooms - one for the main set - up and the other for VIP Lounge or the KTV area.

The VIP Lounge that is included on their VIP Combo is a must-try for barkadas out there, also for celebrations like birthdays and graduation. 

What's on VIP Combo?

For accomodation:

❇️ 3 hours staying at VIP Lounge with disco lights
❇️ 1 hour singing many songs as you can on their Videoke
For the food:
❇️ 1 Nachos good for four
❇️ 2 Bucket Fries
❇️ 4 Burgers
❇️ 1 Pitcher Iced Tea

All for Php 850.00? Yes unlike other KTV rooms with expensive rents.

I also recommend this cafe for all social media people. It's so "instagramable" and great for taking pictures. The most interesting part is that they are changing their motif every month. From the paintings on the wall to the set - up. Well, I am not wondering since the husband of the owner is an architect. He also planned the set - up while the owner (his wife) decided the motif. It is a great collaboration, right?

All-in-all I recommend this pre-opened café; what more if it's officially open? I assure that the foods are yummy and affordable especially the whole structure and theme of it since it's quite far from the center of San Jacinto.

 I asked the cafe owners regarding the location and the overall appearance of the cafe and they said:
"We actually want customers to experience a peaceful cafe, without so much crowd and noises and also traffic" 
That is a good strategy! 

Frenzy Cafe will officially have it's Grand Opening on April 8, 2019 so you can try more promos on great foods.

Want to be notified from this cafe? Then you can like and follow their social media account for more info:


📍Located at Brgy. Sto. Tomas, 2431 San Jacinto, Pangasinan

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