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Student's Recess Time: Sweetbite Cafe Dagupan

Thursday, February 21, 2019

"Students, you can now have your recess!"

Looking for a cafe that offers delicious food?

SweetBite Dagupan Cafe will always be on top but wait there's more, it's not always tasty and delicious thing to go for a cafe but the affordability of it.

Sweetbite Dagupan Cafe Logo
Sweetbite Dagupan Cafe Logo

Awesome Sweetbite Dagupan Cafe facility

I'm πŸ’― percent sure that everyone can try their foods even students like you because of the amazing deals on their menu with affordable price.

Being on cafΓ©s are also part of enjoying your studies, the ambiance will suit your concentration and focus. That's why I often visit this for making projects, before exams and even for moments with friends. Read How to Love Studying?

By looking at its surroundings, it reminds me of a cafe on my hometown but this is much better; you're just like feeling at home as they welcome you on many tables to choose of on respective "lawns" with pillows for staying comfortable! On the other hand, they have also a tables and chairs and free WiFi!

Delicious chocolate-dipped S'mores
I like their S'mores

It is dependent on what set up you like, a comfortable and at-home style or a formal and romantic one.

          Good for Kids, Students and Barkadas

Starting from only Php 99, you can have your meal with a "Biggy" iced tea with varieties of flavors with exciting names!

Mouth watering tapasilog
SB's Famous Silog Meals

✔️ Blueperman
✔️ Lemon Twist
✔️ Spidey Red
✔️ Green Lantern
✔️ Pink Panther

Best sellers:

πŸ₯€Mango Slushie Overload / Milk shakes
🍟Bucket Fries
🍝 Pastas (Bolognese, Carbonara and Tuna)
πŸ₯— Famous "Silog" meals with free biggy juice
πŸ” Burgers and Sandwiches

Great Facilities

SB's Bucket Fries

To all Potterheads

Located at Arellano St. Dagupan City

For more latest promos of their meals and desserts, just visit their social media account.

Sweetbite Cafe Dagupan


  1. I love the ambience based on those pictures. Food looks yum too. Masarap na tambayan. 😁

  2. I remember when I was a student, my snacks would be puto and palamig..or if my taste buds crave for the bawal, we'll go out and buy junk foods..😊

    Today, students can already enjoy break times with the presence of affordable "recess" stalls and cafe's..😊

    1. Thank you for sharing, Mother Ant! 😊

  3. the place looks instagrammable, those paper lantern balloons looks pretty!
    Ah recess is my favorite subject, back then.

    1. Hahaha students nowadays especially on my school have their own sched of recess whenever they want to haha

  4. When I am still a student, I am always looking forward for recess. Maybe lots of people can relate to that. Hehehe!

  5. Hmmm mukang masarap lahat. Cute ng names ng silog meals nila. Pang kids and students talaga. Pwede din sa young at hearts!

  6. I remember back in my students days, I lived on fishballs and coco juice, hahaha! Nowadays, students have varied choices that they can afford, kakainggit!

    1. I also love street foods 🀀🀀

  7. Oo nga, ang mura. Kayang kaya ng bulsa. And the food looks good pa. Beats the regular cafeteria food.

  8. Ang cute ng smores nila! It reminds me of Arki's The Food Project in Bataan. Perfect for students kasi affordable ang price. For sure madami silang customers lagi.

    1. Yes sa sobrang dami ang hirap pong maghanap ng pwesto haha

  9. ang lakas maka-generation gap nito, lol! we had a canteen at school for recess time.. tapos study at home kami noon. these days students have fancy study places because cafes offer cozy study places.

  10. Super nice tambayan place! I’ll share this out to my barkada 😍


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