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How to love studying?

Friday, February 15, 2019
Enjoying your study will not only give you good grades but will also help you appreciate simple things on school and yourself!

Is it ironic to rely on this article when you have your own mind about the topic? 

No, I believe that sometimes you should recognize other sources like this to improve your behaviour.

Just like our topic today, I know that you all have your own strategies but I'm here to do more about this, don't worry I'll take your back while you're just reading.

I know that today is Valentine's Day and this article will not give you a dozen of flowers but instead 12 useful tips.

So here are my tips:

Motivate yourself

Your mind's power is the most basic technique on this. Thus, motivating yourself to love studying is very important and easy as we are the only factor. 

You should keep telling yourself that you should study and keep enjoying it.

On avoiding procrastination which was the previous topic I wrote about, motivating yourself is also one of those factors. 

For me, this is one of "must-have" characteristics of every student. 

You can do it through reminding yourself either mentally or verbally.

Parent's Sacrifice/Hardship

Let's go to the emotional side of this; thinking your parent's sacrifice will put you to a have a more distinct vision of studying.

On this part, you're thinking that you should enjoy studying in order to achieve your goal on your parents. 

By this, you're also motivated just like what I've stated on the first tip. Thinking of their sacrifices just to support your education is a motivation also. 

By the way, I'm stating it on a positive side that it's like a motivational tool and not a negative thought on our mind that pressure is on us because of their hardships.

Work with others

There are some students who can focus and enjoy studying by having conversations with other classmates. Well, I am not that kind of student before; but now, I can see that my friends can help me in time that it's difficult to do a certain task/activity that's why I chose to study with friends rather than being alone. 

On the otherhand, it's for you to study alone as I've highlighted a while ago that I can focus more if I'm alone before but I can't do a very difficult task by my ownself that's why I conclude that being with friends is better. 

Most importantly, this will bring you to have a study buddy.


Don't pressure yourself! It's the mission of this article to help you enjoy studying.
Don't be pre-occupied by negative thoughts when you're studying and prevent boring perspective after.

Avoid competition

We all know that we should do our best to be on top to make our parents proud but if should not lead us to underestimate someone and competition. It's not strange to us to hear competition inside a classroom between students and it's not a healthy attitude. 

Despite of our competence to express ourselves, we should focus on ourselves and mind our own grades to increase or maintain it. We should not compare ourselves to others to enjoy having our own mindset on school while studying. 

Let's avoid our anger and pressure to someone when studying to avoid situations like we can't answer to the task because of too many claims. Additionally, we should enjoy every moment and take school curriculum regarding on honoring students positively.

Have study habits

Okay, so here we go again on time matter. Many students have scheduled their time to review or to study. Having study habits will enhance also our discipline.

A daily habit will not get us tired by just having one time studying which was tackled on the previous blog about Avoiding Procrastination but will help us also to enjoy, how? Well, me for example, I always have my study time between five to six in the morning and ranges from one 30 minutes to an hour while mostly students have their study habit at night so they're prepared the next day. Well, it depends on you.

Share your knowledge

It's almost the same with working with others which is stated above. According to some research, more chances that the lessons will retain to a person's mind if he/she shares what's inside him/her.

There are students who are fond of teaching their classmates, with that, they are also enjoying having conversation. 

On the contrary, if you have no confidence (we can't deny this fact to others) teaching personally, consider sharing it through chatting using gadgets so you can express more what you have on your mind. 

Those are the reasons that's why sharing what you've learned will lead you to socialization and especially enjoyment while studying with others.

Have some cool stuffs

Have some cool staffs on school

This is one of my favorites and I want my things to be organize so having school stuffs like planner, highlighter or timetable will surely help you to study. 

Visual learners are more on this area; they like colorful objects like underlining phrases on their lessons with different colors by having certain materials. It'll also motivate us if we're not studying on our beds to avoid sleepiness, thus, it's good to have study table and study lamp for example to feel and concentrate on our study more, right?

Have a goal

Have a goal on school

Having a goal always provides us a good outcome. If your goal is to study well then you should do ways to achieve it. Ways like enjoying it. It's because your looking forward to it.

Let me ask you a question, What's your goal? I'm sure that studying is one of the answers, then you should enjoy and you'll not expect the time until you achieve it.
Interest and excitement on our goal bring us on our love to studying more because we know that we're on the right path.

Having our goal is a source of studying well.

Have interest on expressing yourself

How to learn to express ourselves

You know, these tips are interrelated and you may find this tips similar to sharing knowledge and working with others, well you're right! 

You should start practicing socializing and interacting to others to have a study buddy to express and enjoy every moment of your study.

Focus on your dream

To focus on your dream, you should have amzing mindset

If you focus on your dream, then you'll find it enjoyable and easier to study because it's like a checklist that you may find it nearer to you as you pass this obstacle (studying). That's why it'll be exciting also for you to study because you have a clearer vision of the outcome. You're confident to grab it and will have you enjoy studying.

Study on clean and well ventilated room

Study on a clean and well-ventilated room
This last part is one of the main factor to enjoy studying. Good place will give you a comfortable level and will avoid you to too many destructions around. It's suited if you work on a cool place to keep you fresh and improve your mind functioning. Avoid clutters around you as it may disrupt your focus on studying. Clean area will keep you enjoy and feel that you can concentrate more and have positive outlook towards it.

I hope these will help you to get through on your studies. Looking forward to you questions or opinions, comment it down below and I'll answer it.


  1. I love all these tips! I totally agree with studying on a clean room. I can't focus whenever I see a clutter. Sometimes, I end up cleaning my room for hours instead of studying. LOL

  2. I was a diligent student back then and (almost) a library resident coz i love to hangout in there, read books and newspapers, etc. Those days are glorious, and I dont waste time on other matters as I love reading the lessons in advance so i can be more engage to the discussions.

  3. I love all the tips you shared! May I also add that being passionate on the career you chose will make studying so much easy! :)

    1. Thank you for adding, TheSassyDentistPH! Well appreciated! ❤️


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