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5 Tips to perform well on school

Monday, February 18, 2019
Performing well on school doesn't mean that you should push yourself to go over your capability. It lets your knowledge and abilities to stand out. If you do your best, it'll not only lead you to meet all of those expectations and pride of your friends and of course your family but can also build your personality like self confidence and your goal to achieve on the future.

Students on group activity
My classmates on a group activity
How many of you who wants low grade? Well I'm sure that you don't want this to happen. Am I right?

Last time I gave you steps on how to love studying which is one of the most important components of performing well on school. 

If you enjoy studying then you have this trait to perform well because you are not pressured with factors around you but instead you're just focusing on your study. 

I asked ate Karla who is a teacher and one of the most popular bloggers (Travel with Karla) regarding ways to be well-performed on school and she said:

"Don’t be a mediocre. Always do your best in all the tasks, small tasks or big tasks. This includes going to class on time, following instructions, and passing the requirements on or before the deadline. Second, remember that the things you do now will determine your future. What are you doing now to achieve your dreams? Lastly, enjoy the process. As a teacher, I like it when the students are not doing things just to get high scores. I love it when they do things because they want to learn"

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If you want to perform well on school, I'm also here to help you grab it. I will give you tips and ideas in addition to what ate Karla told me.

So here are my tips:

 TIP #1: Have mindset on aiming a goal

Have a goal in life
Any actions without a goal is like reading books without finishing up to the end. 

Of course if you want to perform well then you should have a goal to perform well.

Having a goal will help you to go through aiming on performing well. It'll help you to have a reminder that you should strive to do it because you have to.

You should start now and don't make it on the next day, next next day and so on. You can do it right now and wherever you are.

Let me ask you, what's your dream? To be a doctor? Engineer? Accountant? etc. Well you can't achieve those if you have no goals. 

But today, I just want you to have your goal to perform well on school so you can achieve your dream, okay?

TIP #2: Behaviour/Performance

Two students having a good behavior
Two of my classmates

We all know that our present curriculum focuses on student's performance that's

why on grading system, performance has the highest percentage.

If you overcome it, then you're assured to have good grades.

Behavior or performance is a big factor on doing this. It reflects that you are performing well by exerting your verbal ability in front of your classmates. It is important to focus on your behaviour and performance because this is the main factor of how well you perform.

Now, I will give you ideas on how to keep your behaviour or performance right:

✔️Always listen to your teacher
✔️ Focus on him/her rather than all other influences around you
✔️ If there is a chance to speak your ideas, grab it
✔️ If there are performance task and you think you have this ability to lead, volunteer to be a leader
✔️ Open your mouth only when reciting and not for chatting with classmates
✔️ Always have confidence on answering
✔️ Do not overdo reciting up to the situation that you are almost the teacher
✔️ Have proper attitude towards your classmates and of course to your teacher

TIP #3: Know your study habits

Have study habits

On my articles How to avoid procrastination and How to love studying, I mentioned the word study habit. Yes, having a study habit will enhance your performance on school base on amount of your knowledge and awareness on the lesson.

If you have study habit, you can remember again your previous lesson and you are now prepared to perform the next day because you are familiar with the topic.

On making a study habit, make sure to deal with it. You should not be influenced by other things and pre-occupied; you should focus on studying on time you made for this.

TIP #4: Value every exam/quizzes

Answering exams/quizzes

Student's weakness as they name it, exam and quizzes are also a factor in considering how well you perform. 

Your scores will determine your performance each day of discussion and how you applied those on questions regarding the lesson.

After performance, scores on test are the next big factor in performing well.

You do not want only to enhance your performance itself by speaking and reciting right? So you should value exams and quizzes to reflect what you are in a classroom.

It's not right to have only verbal components on how you perform but also the written ones. So you should value everytime you have tests.

Don't say that  "babawi na lang ako next time" after seeing your score when you have the time to review before it.

TIP #5: Always do your best

Gold Medal

What determines your best? Everyone is telling that students should always do their best on school but what is this word tells on performing well?

This last tip, is to sum up those stated ideas above. You should not only focus on one, you should consider all the tips and do your best on different parts I stated. 

Do your best when it comes to quizzes, performance task, study habits etc. so it will be determined as best in all terms and not only on some parts.

Performing well is doing your best. 

Yes, it is because in all aspect of our lives we should exert effort on something in order to achieve. 

Just like our topic today about performing well, we should stand out with our own "best" and not to try to change and push it because all we want to do is to stand out by our own characteristics, right?

Remember that in doing your best, you should focus on yourself and not on the others because it might cause you to be insecure and to be superior. 

I know that you don't want to be recognized base on your classmate's shadow so be your own and perform well with your capacity.


Performing well on school should be taken positively like one should not aim to do it for popularity, for underestimating other people and it should be a cause for you to maintain being motivated and inspired to do things for the future.

And lastly, performing well should be a message to other people that you are doing this because you want a dream life that's why you're pursuing your studies seriously by performing well.

If you have additional suggestions and tips, comment below to help other students on their studies! 


  1. I should have read this before when I'm still a student. HAHAHA. Super nice nung mga tips pati nung sinabi ni Travel with Karla. :)

  2. Your tips are well-said. It's hard being a student (mas gusto ko yung nag wowork na ko) because it takes perseverance and determination. But with the right disposition, you will succeed. Good luck!

  3. I was in high school when I realized that studying is not a responsibility, it’s a privilege. Kapag inisip kasi natin kung ano talaga yung reason kung bakit tayo nag-aaral, mas magiging responsableng students tayo. Like, you’re doing it for yourself, for your family, for your dreams; and not just because kailangan lang talaga mag-aral.

    1. Tama po kayo ate. Thank you for adding this reminder and lesson also! ❤️

  4. I miss my college life. This is really helpful for the students, good job on this one! This will be good also if you put this in a form of Vlog! Hehe. Hope to see you soon!

    1. Wow! Thank you po. I'm planning to have a vlog but since I don't have devices/gadgets suited, and since I'm a student, I don't have time haha. But I'll try. Thank you po!

  5. Thanks for including my advice in this list. I hope to see you soon!

    1. Thank you po for being part of this blog post! 😊 By the way, I love your tips!

  6. How much I wish na may ganito na before nung student pa ako. For me the best tip coming from my prof before is 'find your passion and everything else will follow.' Things are easier kasi when you are happy with what you are doing ♥

    1. Thank you for adding! Yes, you're right ate! ❤️

  7. Wow! This article would help my current students to excel well in my class. Thanks for sharing this one. Keep it up! :)

  8. Kudos to you for realizing the importance of maximizing your school experience! Being a conscientious student makes for a responsible employee or business owner in the future.


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