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Brief Tips to Popularize your Blog

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

So you now have complete set-up, a blog, posts and layouts; but what’s the sense of these if you don’t have readers? Right?

On my previous post, I’ve told you that before you will earn money on your blog you should get readers in which you can interact with. 

Post interesting contents and catchy to the viewers’ eye so you can achieve an amazing target goal.

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On this modern generation, a lot of people are creating their own website not just one but as long as they want; competitions are everywhere, so in blog competition it is important on how to make your blog stand-out above the rest.

Aside from creating wonderful post, colorful blog designs, and unique name of your blog; there are other factors which will help you to gain more audiences. 

Creating a blog you would rather see in the future on today’s generation requires passionate mind and confident mind and personality.

Popularizing your blog also requires patience because at first you could think that you’re trying too hard for your goal BUT keep it constant because we can see the result later unexpectedly better than what we thought before. 

For now, I will give you some tips and tricks!

So you want your blog to stand-out? Amazing! Here are the tips:
1.Share it on other social media and other media platforms
2. Interact with other blogs
3. Message your friends about your blog
4. Keep your blog or blog promtions constant

Share it on other social media and other media platforms

Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, social media is known as influencer to all the people around the globe. Approximately fifty percent of one’s decision was influenced by social media and other media platforms. Facebook is the number one factor of sharing your ideas, aside from this, Facebook has a wide number of users, a benefit to share your blog right?

Sharing your blog on famous platform is an effective way in promoting your blog. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. can grow your blog’s audiences for FREE. 

You can:

Create a Facebook Page of your blog and get more views and likes by creating also great contents of your posts, posts where people must be interested with. 

You can also create a group and link it to your Facebook Page so you can interact to all people who patronize your blog making a portal to view your blog. 

Instagram also helps you to get more followers of your blog by posting pictures which can attract more viewers. 

Twitter could also be a main source of what’s happening on your blog.

Interact with other blogs

Interact with othe blogs

Famous blog also can be a great way to popularize your blog. Commenting attention-seeking topic to other’s famous blog will make the people change their mind and click the link of your blog, another benefit too. 

You should always think that people always want helpful tips about their concerns so you can help them and promote your blog providing the details like your blog address and other information.

But on this tip, you should know your limits on how you advertise your blog to others, I suggest that you should interact accordingly and lessen commenting links of your blog; instead comment related words to their topic and let other people follow your link.

Message your friends about your blog

Send messages

The first audience of your blog ofcourse always the people who have an interaction to you always, like your friends, families, relative and other people you may know. They are what we called the “Personal Bridges”, they can either promote your blog personally or in a media form. For sure they will support your blog.

No one except those who you called friends and families can support your blog at first, but you will see the development and the result of their undying support made by time.

Message them and they will share your blog depending on it’s content, some used to share effective one. Aside from being the first viewer, you can approach them to help you know how’s your blog doing.

Sponsor an activity of well-known Group

Of course, if you want to endorse your blog, a little amount of money is important. You can sponsor an activity which would lead your blog to also be recognized by thanking your stuff personally and electronically. But this is optional, it depends on how desperate are you to make your blog popular by short-term or long-term effectiveness.

Keep your Blog and Blog Promotions constant

Keep your blog constant

Keep posting and posting on your blog and your blog pages no matter what only little reads your post on your blog because people will probably notified frequently by your posts

As a blog Author it is your responsibility to maintain your blog to be famous and enjoy the benefits after all your patience and hardships.

These brief tips will help you to engage on more viewers. If you have questions, just comment it down below and let’s solve it! 


  1. Great tips for first time bloggers. It really takes a lot of patience and hardwork to tell others about your blogging.

  2. Cool tips! I also want to add, be yourself so that you will gain unique followers.😊 And if yourl are ready, do SEO.

    1. You're totally right. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  3. I agree with the tips. Growing your blog is never easy, but just keep blogging and improving your content, and the results will come after.


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