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3 Easy Steps to start E-loading business

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Electronic Loading, Mobile Sim Loading or simply E-loading is a way to help a community to connect. It’s a telecommunication bridge and/or strategy to reach every person to subscribe to their network especially in this modern environment.

There’s no doubt that almost every person has their own gadgets to keep updated daily and to connect with families, friends and others. Technology plays a vital role in communicating to people we want. Thus, businesses associated with it will help many to earn money even students like you.

E-loading business has small capitals which is a great start to all business-minded. With these capitals offered by companies like Globe and Smart, which are the two leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, it has benefits as soon as you know how to deal with this business properly.

So you are interested to start an E-loading business? Great. I'll take your back, just read. So below are the steps to start with loading/retailer’s business

Steps on how to start e-loading business

Choose Telecommunication Company   

Choosing networks to have your e-loading business will help you to maintain your job longer. If you want to grow your business every time, you must choose which network best suits your environment. 

For example, Smart subscribers are greater than the subscribers of the other one, then you should be a retailer to it, you should deal with this network to ensure that you have many customers.

Telecom companies offer aspiring retailers wide range of position they want, they can be a Dealer, sub-dealer, and the front-liner ones: retailer. We should aim first becoming a retailer especially for those who want small capitals ranging from Php 500- 1000. With these amount ranges, you will have a Retailer Sim, unlike other sim cards, this kind of sim is only for retailing/e-loading purposes, some gives banners and promo mini books.  

Below are the two leading network company and their rules, and my bonus for you: their links

Smart Ka-Partner

Smart Ka-Partner offers great product and events yearly. Years ago, they’ve made a software application called “Smart Ka-Partners” which aims retailers to load and track their loading business properly and easily. It contains: Suki Numbers, which frequent customer numbers are listed here, Notebook, and a tracker tab which monitors the business like Kita, Transaction Amount, Rebates and more, Paid and Unpaid transactions, which help retailers to track who’s not yet done paying their e-loads. Those are just few of many features of the app.

You can also do transaction through keywords sent to 343 or just dial *121# and choose buy load.

Everyone can start being a retailer for as low as Php 190.00, this contains:
  1. Retailer Sim
  2. 100 account balance

You can now start loading with just stated balance. If you wish to start with larger amount, you can approach the provincial distributor by dialing *333 which entitled by Smart Telecommunications Inc. to be their free hotline number for concerns regarding Smart Ka-Partner Retail. These retailer sims are available on your Provincial Distributor, contact Smart by their different social media accounts or on *333 which is toll-free.

Click the links below to contact Smart Telecommunications Inc.
Smart Website

Globe Autoloadmax

Just like Smart Telecommunications Inc. retailer program, Globe Telecom also offers a retailing system. They have GCash to start business with huge rebates but needs an internet connection. If you don’t want, you can load offline by dialing *143# and choose GCash then buy load. For clearer steps, visit Globe Store.

Click the links below to contact Globe Telecommunication.
Globe Facebook Page
Globe Twitter Account
Globe Website

On the other hand, there are other companies who offers loading to all networks. This gives retailers ease to load with just one sim. They have their own rules to all of their retailers. The advantage of being a load-to-all networks retailer is that the ease of access but with lesser income depending on your sales while the stand alone loading gives stable commission because of their fixed rebates.

After you chose which is best to your needs, start approaching and tell them that you want to avail retailer sim.

The links to contact those companies are stated on the first step.

Maintaining it properly

The greatest trick in order for your business to succeed is that you should maintain it properly. Take serious about your small business, manage it properly by doing some stuffs.

Create a transaction list

Transaction Listing is the most important one to track your income and business. Write down all the transactions per day, week or month on a different notebook just for your loading purposes. Though there are applications like Smart Ka-Partners which automatically track your load, it is better to be prepared in any circumstances like losing your phone so listing on a sheet of paper will be the best option to manage this business.

Also, in maintaining this business, you should know the environment. Competitors are always there especially on this kind of business where it’s an easy and affordable one. Thinking and doing strategically in doing it will help you throughout your entire business. Do some strategies to make your business stand out like promote it on your social media platforms so that people know that you have a loading business then your customers trickles immediately. You can also promote your business personally, saying it to your family, relatives and friends.

Confidence is the key” as they say. Your tricks and strategies will help you to maintain and promoting your business.

Using those 3 easy steps will be a good start for you to have small business. We are  wishing you a goodluck as you start this business. Don’t forget to ask questions on the comment section!

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