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How to make your blog to earn money

Thursday, March 15, 2018
So, for the Part II of my post I will give tips and suggestions to have a successful blog. To all who are not yet done reading Part I, you must know first How to create effective blog.

I am also a beginner in blogging. Aside from expressing yourself on your blog, try some cool stuffs. 

As I am saying on Part I, it is more interesting in blogging if we receive our gift for all hardships and patience on making and maintaining it, money. 

But to earn money you should make your website first popular so everyone can see your deals and offers, How? Keep posting and posting helpful ideas for your readers so all they need to research will be brought to your blog and build a relationship to them.

Making a money blog is not that easy, it requires you time and patience. I’ll speak directly to the point; So how to turn your ordinary blog to a profitable one?

Here are my tips:

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

This is the most popular in all bloggers. Almost all bloggers have their Google Adsense, an advertising program which advertisements or ads will be displayed to your blog automatically.

How can we gain money on that? 

If someone visits your blog and if they click the advertisements generated by Google Adsense, money trickles on your side.

But sad to say that before you can have your ads on Google Adsense, your blog must suit the requirements, you can see it here. If you passed these requirements and have qualified, then congratulations, you have succeeded the most popular one.

Sign up on Adsense here

For more information just go their social media accounts:
Facebook: Adsense
Twitter: Google Adsense | @AdSense

Affiliate Marketing

Lazada Affiliate Program

This is also on the top when it comes in making a profitable blog. It also requires you to advertise.

What kind of advertisement? 

You will advertise varieties of products by large companies. But you can only gain money by commissions if someone bought the product you advertised and affiliated. 

Much harder right? But good to say it is FREE.

Read my independent Affiliate Marketing topic on other post on this blog; You can check how to join and have tips on my other article entitled Affiliate Marketing and How to Join.

Sign up for Lazada Affiliate Program here.

Sell your items

Nowadays, it’s not bad to experiment, in fact it leads us to a more knowledgeable individual. 

You can turn your blog to a business blog where you can also earn money. Your blog can be used to help you grow your business, post your stuff, describe it and hola you can gain cash if everyone buy it. 

But your blog needs to be popular first in order to make your items stuck on your blog forever.

Do you want that to happen? Of course not.


These tips requires you to have patience and you blog to be popular and trusted so you can do it properly. It requires you blog to be popular Why? Because more visits, more clicks, more money. I’ll hope it helps you. Check also other factors to earn money here.

I hope these tips helped you to improve your blog. Comment your questions and let's answer that!


  1. I don't use Google Adsense as it's not suitable for my plan. I use WordAds instead. Hehe. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks for adding idea! It's a great option!

  2. I don't really monetize my blog but I do get offers for publishing and other perks. That's enough for me, I guess:-)


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