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How to earn money as a student

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Being a student, there are limitations regarding on holding money. It is because we are dependent on the allowance given by our parents. What should we do if we want to buy things we want? 

How to earn money as a students

Let's accept the fact that we have things we want to buy but because of incapacity to do, we can't let these things happen as we cannot directly say it to our parents. 

"If you want to buy all things you want, then use your own money" - this line will surely make you laugh as we always experience hearing this to our parents. 

Being a student like you is not easy as items' price in the market are increasing and we always fit in the budget by our parents. 
By having extra source of income will help us achieve either what we want or what we need rather than relying too much on our parents.

 So you want to earn money by having small tips? Nice! These little tips will help you someday, You may not get large amount on short period of time but these will sum up if you have patience. 

These brief tips will teach you as I am experiencing. I include only brief introduction but I will discuss it one-by-one on next articles. 

  • Make a blog/website
  • Sell your stuffs online
  • Small business (e.g Loading Business)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Tutoring

Make a blog/website

Make a blog

Since, this is timely and requires only time and your skills, it suits every student's interest by just sharing ideas and tips on internet. This exciting stuff will gain you money by advertising your product or by making it popular aside from posting your own stuff. 

Well, it is not hard to start now especially we have "plug-ins" platforms to make it easy for us instead of coding (noooo!). 

I just want to share that I'm using Blogger since it's free hosting (well I'm only a student so...) and I created my blog just for only 1 day haha of course it's not that well-designed yet. I launched it without articles but now I've learned that you should have 10 or more articles before launching your blog so you'll have readers. 

Who says earning money is easy? It  takes time to earn money in blogging, first you should build your traffic and everything will follow. Just continue it and be consistent, I tell you you'll get what you deserve! 

Find out How to Create a blog now!

Sell Stuffs Online 

Online Selling

In this case you will sell your old/new clothes, books, and other supplies. Well this is the most popular now. This may be an indirect selling but well it works. There are so many means of media you can sell your items. You can make your business site or sell it on famous online business sites such as Lazada and Shopee. 

Happy to say, there is no capital here! Of course, you only need your unuse things like clothes. On the other hand, if you want 

new items then you should have small capitals to start and sell it online. 

Small Business

Small business

Earning money by this thing is not so difficult to manage but your profit is not that large. But soon can add up to a huge income. 

Small business like E-loading is recommended for students! It only needs small capital and this business will surely be a hit since it is a necessity nowadays. Read (3 Steps to start E-loading business). 

Affiliate Programs

This is one also of the most popular ways of earning money as a student. With this, you should advertise products by big companies. When certain people click the link it and successfully made a transaction, you will earn money by commissions. 

The most famous affiliate companies to have this one is the Lazada Affiliate Program, Zalora and some travel agencies who offer commisions from 6-10%. 

Sign up here


This requires you more knowledge to gain money. This gives quite large money as a student and you don't need to have capitals since your skills and abilities are only needed here. 

As a student, it is not hard to tutor since we are refreshed everyday with new knowledge so we can teach it clearly to your customers. 

You should have your hourly or monthly rates to inform your customer. Think of affordable yet 'sulit' rates to attract customers but make sure you deserve it. 


As a student, you should know how to sustain your needs by not always depending to your parents but instead you should have your stuff to supply your needs and things you need. I'm not saying that you have no rights to depend, I know you are only a student and you need money, I'm only stating the things you want. The above examples will work with your hardwork, patience and perseverance. Goodluck! 

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