How to Create a Blog

So recently I've created a blog and believe me, everyone can  do it since making blog nowadays uses plug-ins. At first, my goal to have my blog is to express in a unique way but I found out that I can make money through it.

Before doing my blog, I searched first on other bloggers like Neil Patel who is an expert blogger and also one of my inspirations to do a blog. I learned a lot from him on blogging that's why I'll share it to you now on how I did my blog by the help of his blog
So you want to have a blog? That's amazing. Blog can help you to avoid boredom  on your free time and help you to socialize by posting your life and publishing to express yourself. Blogging also lets you help others with their problems and the most interesting on it is you can make money.

If you're new to blogging, me too! I'll take your back not as an expert but as your student friend guiding you. I made a guide for you.

Follow these steps and  guess what? Soon you'll be a blogger too.

These steps will teach you how:

Step 1: Choose the right blogging platform.

Choose the eight blogging platform

This will help you create your blog and set-up.  We can find many blogging platform for FREE. A good example is I started blogging with these platform since I am only a student who's only depending on my allowance. So this free hosting is for me now.

But if you have money and you are eager to start your blog professionally, you can have and buy hosting to store and operate your blog.

Others are (free hosting), GoDaddy and Wix and more.

(Further steps will be for Blogger platform)

Step 2  Make a domain name and address

Make a domain name

In this step, you'll think  an effective name you want to your site and address or keyword where people will find your blog. I suggest that you should think a unique and distinct name and address to prevent competition. For example, SEPhil which is a distinct name and it's easy to remember.

Choose blog designs you want

Choose blog designs

There are varieties of themes you can choose depending on your goal and yourself. Try first setting up your blog on a simple yet clear and organized one so people could deal to your blog easily. Don't worry, you can change it later.

If you plan to change it, you can find many templates on the web. Copy the xml file to the default html of your blog but make sure you import fist the contents and copied the old html file for you to plug it easily whenever there is an erro occured.

Customize your blog more and more

Customizing your blog needs creativity and your own vision towards it. Adding some buttons will help your audience to engage more to your blog and will crawl all with the help of it. On this step, deal with something that you know your targeted audience will click and find more. For example, if your blog is all about girl issues then try to choose colors, buttons, words/contents which suits most girl's preferences like color pink for example.

5. The most exciting part, express yourself by adding post

 You're free to post as much as you want. Stick to your topic as your blog title tells about. If your blog is about finance then have contents only about issues regarding money to avoid misleading which could lead to audience's misunderstanding.

6.  And Horaay! Start growing your blog

You now have your blog, after this, maintain it more to assure that people like your blog.

As I've mentioned earlier, I'll take your back. I've found that many people make mistakes on starting a blog. So here are the tips on how to maintain your blog.

First, Keep posting and posting

Second, Don't abandon your blog. Making a blog needs passion to maintain it.

Third, Advertise it and make it popular. I've created an article Brief tips to popularize you blog, learn some tips to advertise your blog.

Lastly, you can advertise other products so you'll get money. (Read Affiliate Marketing and How to Join)

Wishing you a goodluck on your fist blog! Don' t worry if you make mistakes, all bloggers started with it and of course dealt with it. Just be natural and keep your blog consistent! If you have questions, comment down below! 

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