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Affiliate Marketing and How to join

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Have you seen product advertisements on Facebook? 

We are carried away on that beautiful and amazing product and once you click it you will be brought to another site and it’s for you to make transaction on it. 

As time passed by, some of us just ignore it or maybe bought items from this but do you know what’s hidden reason for this, it’s just a matter of business.

One of the most popular ways of earning money nowadays is Affiliate Marketing which you can join freely on big companies. 

Everyone can join as long as you can do the task, a very simple and easy one. 

By this you can get income by advertising on the internet or other forms of social media and it trickles everytime there's successful transaction.

Are you interested? Let me discuss it to you.

In our generation, gadgets doesn’t only serve as a bridge on communication but these mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets can bring us a profitable online business.

You hear that right, affiliate marketing can be done by everyone or student like you. It’s just a matter of advertising product from large online shops. You can do it on Facebook, your own blog/ website and many more.

If you posted some stuffs on your blog, you can add advertisement from big company who are accepting Affiliate Marketing, if everyone click your advertisement and bought it you will have a commission starting from 6 percent or more.

Many companies have an Affiliate Marketing Program for example in Lazada, they have Lazada Affiliate Marketing Program. I will teach you how.

On their  website

Lazada Afiiliate Prograp Website

Step 1: Click sign-up

Step 2: Fill-up informations and log in

You now have your account, let’s move on advertising
For Carousel banner (you can find it on the left side of the site)

Step 1: In country choices, choose your desired country

Step 2: Choose what category you want to advertise:

  • Camera
  • Mobile Phone and Tablets
  • Electronics
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Eyewears and watches
  • Sports and Travel

Step 3: Then type the brand you are wishing to advertise
(You will see products and just select as much as you want) 
Step 4: You will customize the size of your banner
Step 5: Click the “Get Banner” button

Step 3: Install the Code

Copy the url above the “Get Banner” button on the website and paste it on your blog/website
Making Carousel Banner is just one of many choices to advertise, you can do Deeplink Advertisement and many more. Goodluck!

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