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Vacation Time: Experience a VIP treat at Frenzy Café

Looking for a cafe that will treat you as VIP?
Frenzy Cafe which recently celebrated its grand opening, serves everyone - from millennials to feeling millennials (just kidding haha) by treating you a very important person approach. Casual in atmosphere - but you'll enjoy an amazing natural ambiance with great foods just like other cafe. But what makes it different?

I'm studying in Dagupan, City so I need cafes that will be best to relax, to do homeworks, projects and more either being alone or with friends. And this cafe which is 12 km away from my school (Dagupan) is worth to go for. By travelling approximately 28 minutes from Dagupan, great yet approachable staffs will welcome you and even the cafe owners! You'll feel that your visit is very important to them that's why they are treating you as an important customer and also as a friend.

Enough for the ambiance; Frenzy Café offers foods that's not only for people with jobs but also a money-friendly cafe for stu…
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Dong-A's another #ARTBOOM Sale up to 60%

Calling all students and artistic people!
This March is truly a month of passion for arts and pens. Booming month of surprises and discounts on amazing products!

After the recent #ARTBOOM sale on Lazada last February 28 and March 1, Dong-A gives us again another opportunity to avail their colorful products on sale but this time, on different yet one of the top in terms of online shopping, Shopee.

Stay tuned on March 20, 21 and 22 for another most awaited sale.

This three-day sale, they are selling their products up to 60% off. It is a rare promotion, what are you waiting for?

Wait! There’s more, they are giving away products for lucky users! How? Just comment and tag three Facebook friends and share their recent #ARTBOOM Sale post. Click here. By doing so, a gift pack prizes await.

Ten (10) winners from Facebook and Instagram will be announced on March 23. If you’re one of the people who joined the giveaway and also fond of joining giveaways just like me, then we’ll wait together! Hah…

BBW: World's Biggest 50-90% Sale coming again to Manila

Bookworms, Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has started again at World Trade Center, Metro Manila, Pasay City on February 22 up to March 4!

For all bookworms who want to spend less money and always fond of books on sale! Just like me haha but sadly I can't go since I'm too far and no time. 
If I were you, I wouldn't pass for it when you have time and you're near. This is once in a lifetime event to enjoy such deals! 
Don't miss this chance to grab amazing books from most popular authors around the world.

Enjoy 50-90 percent discount on varieties of quality and trending books. 
More time to have it because they are open 24 hours! More time, more books to choose of, right?
Few days left students! This is only up to March 4 and it's so rare to have that up to 90% sale and 254 hours nonstop sale. 
BBW Survival Checklist:Bring:  All your enthusiasm and hunger for good books! Wear:  Keep yourself light and comfortable! You’re going to be hunting for a long while. Come:  Anytime y…

Student's Recess Time: Sweetbite Cafe Dagupan

"Students, you can now have your recess!"

Looking for a cafe that offers delicious food?

SweetBite Dagupan Cafe will always be on top but wait there's more, it's not always tasty and delicious thing to go for a cafe but the affordability of it.

I'm 💯 percent sure that everyone can try their foods even students like you because of the amazing deals on their menu with affordable price.

Being on cafés are also part of enjoying your studies, the ambiance will suit your concentration and focus. That's why I often visit this for making projects, before exams and even for moments with friends. Read How to Love Studying?

By looking at its surroundings, it reminds me of a cafe on my hometown but this is much better; you're just like feeling at home as they welcome you on many tables to choose of on respective "lawns" with pillows for staying comfortable! On the other hand, they have also a tables and chairs and free WiFi!

It is dependent on what set up y…

5 Tips to perform well on school

Performing well on school doesn't mean that you should push yourself to go over your capability. It lets your knowledge and abilities to stand out. If you do your best, it'll not only lead you to meet all of those expectations and pride of your friends and of course your family but can also build your personality like self confidence and your goal to achieve on the future.

How many of you who wants low grade? Well I'm sure that you don't want this to happen. Am I right?
Last time I gave you steps on how to love studyingwhich is one of the most important components of performing well on school. If you enjoy studying then you have this trait to perform well because you are not pressured with factors around you but instead you're just focusing on your study. Read more about how to love studying here.
As a student like you, I'm sure that you can relate to me right?
I asked ate Karla who is a teacher and one of the most popular bloggers (Travel with Karla) regarding …

How to love studying?

Enjoying your study will not only give you good grades but will also help you appreciate simple things on school and yourself!
Is it ironic to rely on this article when you have your own mind about the topic? No, I believe that sometimes you should recognize other sources like this to improve your behaviour.
Just like our topic today, I know that you all have your own strategies but I'm here to do more about this, don't worry I'll take your back while you're just reading.
I know that today is Valentine's Day and this article will not give you a dozen of flowers but instead 12 useful tips.
So here are my tips:
Motivate yourself  Your mind's power is the most basic technique on this. Thus, motivating yourself to love studying is very important and easy as we are the only factor. You should keep telling yourself that you should study and keep enjoying it.
On avoiding procrastination which was the previous topic I wrote about, motivating yourself is also one of those …