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How to love studying?

Enjoying your study will not only give you good grades but will also help you appreciate simple things on school and yourself!
Is it ironic to rely on this article when you have your own mind about the topic? No, I believe that sometimes you should recognize other sources like this to improve your behaviour.
Just like our topic today, I know that you all have your own strategies but I'm here to do more about this, don't worry I'll take your back while you're just reading.
I know that today is Valentine's Day and this article will not give you a dozen of flowers but instead 12 useful tips.
So here are my tips:
Motivate yourself  Your mind's power is the most basic technique on this. Thus, motivating yourself to love studying is very important and easy as we are the only factor. You should keep telling yourself that you should study and keep enjoying it.
On avoiding procrastination which was the previous topic I wrote about, motivating yourself is also one of those …
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Student's Recess Time: Sweetbite Cafe Dagupan

"Students, you can now have your recess!"

Looking for a cafe that offers delicious food?

SweetBite Dagupan Cafe will always be on top but wait there's more, it's not always tasty and delicious thing to go for a cafe but the affordability of it.

I'm 💯 percent sure that everyone can try their foods even students like you because of the amazing deals on their menu with affordable price.

Being on cafés are also part of enjoying your studies, the ambiance will suit your concentration and focus. That's why I often visit this for making projects, before exams and even for moments with friends. Read How to Love Studying?

By looking at its surroundings, it reminds me of a cafe on my hometown but this is much better; you're just like feeling at home as they welcome you on many tables to choose of on respective "lawns" with pillows for staying comfortable! On the other hand, they have also a tables and chairs and free WiFi!

It is dependent on what set up y…

Student Problem: Avoiding Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most common problems among students nowadays. We are certainly having so much stress if assignments, projects and homeworks are being passed simultaneously right? Definitely yes, sometimes I am also experiencing that but actually most of my school works are done immediately to be passed on time to assure that I’ll have the rest to relax after those “disasters” – term used by students nowadays. We could not have experience stress if we manage these appropriately.

“Enjoy now, suffer later”, that’s what most students are doing nowadays, they think that the deadline for their works is too far so, they didn’t doing it yet until the night before passing it. This kind of school lifestyle will bring you to bunch of problems, or worst, stress.
But how to avoid procrastination? Want to know the secret? Then you have the right choice to read this article.
On this part, I will be giving tips and suggestions on how to avoid procrastination base on what I have experience.…

Brief Tips to Popularize your Blog

So you now have complete set-up, a blog, posts and layouts; but what’s the sense of these if you don’t have readers? Right? 

On my previous post, I’ve told you that before you will earn money on your blog you should get readers in which you can interact with. 

Post interesting contents and catchy to the viewers’ eye so you can achieve an amazing target goal.

On this modern generation, a lot of people are creating their own website not just one but as long as they want; competitions are everywhere, so in blog competition it is important on how to make your blog stand-out above the rest.

Aside from creating wonderful post, colorful blog designs, and unique name of your blog; there are other factors which will help you to gain more audiences. 

Creating a blog you would rather see in the future on today’s generation requires passionate mind and confident mind and personality.

Popularizing your blog also requires patience because at first you could think that you’re trying too hard for your goal…

3 Easy Steps to start E-loading business

Electronic Loading, Mobile Sim Loading or simply E-loading is a way to help a community to connect. It’s a telecommunication bridge and/or strategy to reach every person to subscribe to their network especially in this modern environment.

There’s no doubt that almost every person has their own gadgets to keep updated daily and to connect with families, friends and others. Technology plays a vital role in communicating to people we want. Thus, businesses associated with it will help many to earn money even students like you.

E-loading business has small capitals which is a great start to all business-minded. With these capitals offered by companies like Globe and Smart, which are the two leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, it has benefits as soon as you know how to deal with this business properly.

So you are interested to start an E-loading business? Great. We'll take your back, just read. So below are the steps to start with loading/retailer’s business
Steps on how…

How to make your blog to earn money

So, for the Part II of my post I will give tips and suggestions to have a successful blog. To all who are not yet done reading Part I, you must know first How to create effective blog. 

I am also a beginner in blogging. Aside from expressing yourself on your blog, try some cool stuffs. As I am saying on Part I, it is more interesting on blogging if we receive our gift for all hardships and patience on making and maintaining it, money. But to earn money you should make your website first popular so everyone can see your deals and offers, How? Keep posting and posting helpful ideas for your readers so all they need to research will be brought to your blog and build a relationship to them.

Making a money blog is not that easy, it requires you time and patient. I’ll speak direct to the point; So how to turn your ordinary blog to a profitable one?

                                           image source:

These are my tips:

Google Adsense

 This is the most popular in all bloggers. A…

How to Create a Blog

So recently I've created a blog and believe me, everyone can  do it. At first, my goal to have my blog is to express in a unique way but I've found out that I can make money through it.

Before doing my blog, I've searched first on other bloggers like Neil Patel who is an expert blogger and also one of my inspirations to do a blog. I've learned a lot from him in blogging that's why I'll share it to you now how I did my blog by the help of his blog

So you want to have a blog? That's amazing. Blog can help you to have time killer  on your free time and help you to socialize by posting your life and publishing to express yourself. Blogging also lets you help others with their problems and the most interesting on it is you can make money.

If you're new to blogging, me too! I'll take your back. I've made a guide for you.
Follow these steps and  guess what? Soon you'll be a blogger too.

These steps will teach you how:

1 Choose the rig…

Affiliate Marketing and How to join

Have you seen product advertisements on Facebook? We are carried away on that beautiful and amazing product and once you click it you will be brought to another site and it’s for you to buy it. As time passes by, some of us just ignore it or maybe bought items from this but do you know what’s hidden reason for this, it’s just a matter of business.

One of the most popular nowadays is Affiliate Marketing which you can join freely. Everyone can join as long as you can do the task, a very simple and easy one. By this you can get income by advertising on the internet or other forms of social media. Are you interested? Let me discuss it to you.

In our generation, gadgets doesn’t only a bridge on communication but these mobile phone, laptops, tablets and other gadgets can bring us a profitable online business.  You hear that right, affiliate marketing can be done by everyone or student like you. It’s just a matter of advertising product from a large online shops. You can do it on Facebook, y…